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© Lilly Schwartz 2017

© Lilly Schwartz 2017

Taken with: Leica M6, Zeiss 35mm f/2.8, Neopan 400CN, HC-110.

Another 3 rolls edited, 75 left to go! Every day I make a little bit of progress. It still looks like a veritable mountain of rolls, but the number gets lower and lower every day. Definitely a good decision to start this little blogging adventure so that I finally have an incentive to get through this backlog. I definitely should have tried this sooner! I tried it once before with instagram, but I just don’t like the platform all that much. Also, social media platforms come and go, but websites stay and remain under my control. Engagement on all other platforms has decreased a lot for me over the last few years due to algorithms changing, but my blog numbers remain the same even when I take long breaks between posts or change things completely all of a sudden. And it feels good to be back! That said, today’s picture was taken on a roll that a friend from Twitter kindly sent to me, so there is still quite a lot of activity there! In general I’ve found the #believeinfilm community on Twitter a really nice bunch of people who help each other out as much as they can. Very much unlike most film photography groups on Facebook where scandals and fights happen almost daily now. And I’m glad I don’t have to worry about any of that when I post my pictures here on my own website.

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