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© Lilly Schwartz 2017

© Lilly Schwartz 2017

Taken with: Leica M6, Voigtländer Nokton 50mm f/1.1, T-Max 100, HC-110.

Yesterday I had to take an unexpected break from editing, because I wasn’t feeling too well. Even though my health is reasonably ok these days, I still get the occasional day where it gets annoying. I spent the day with bad TV and took it easy. Nevertheless I managed to edit 6 of 7 days this last week which is quite good considering my previous track record. Since I started tackling my backlog this year I’ve edited 68 rolls and 21 of them happened last week! So, it seems my strategy is working and the end might just be in sight! There are still 78 rolls to go, but I guess next week I’ll be reaching the halfway point! If you think it ends there though, you’re sadly mistaken. There are also quite a number of undeveloped rolls that still need my attention after all the editing of this batch is done. It never ends!

Today’s picture was taken at an event in town with live music in 2017. I got totally photobombed by this kid practicing their handstand and I love how that turned out! By the way, I’m still not a big fan of T-Max 100 for street. Doesn’t really look like film to me and the skin tones are just off. Maybe I’ll give Delta 100 a go for ISO 100 film for street next. I’m pretty much done testing 400 film, but I haven’t yet found my favourite for 100 film!



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