The heat is on!

Another hot day over here and yet I continue with my editing mission. I managed a couple more rolls, but it was a struggle, since they were 35mm rolls and those always seem to take forever. It‘s monotonous work, so I felt myself half falling asleep while dust spotting. I hope it cools down soon, or this editing marathon will be more torture than it already is. Yeah, you guessed it, I dislike editing. I would much rather spend my time shooting, but alas, if I don‘t do the editing nobody will. I‘m afraid this editing marathon blog will include a lot of groaning and whining. Sorry about that. You can just skip to the picture if it gets too much!

Today‘s editing soundtrack: Joy Division – Unknown Pleasures. It’s a common album for me and I remember dancing to it in the clubs many years ago. I hoped it would keep me awake, but I guess I need to pull out even bigger guns for days like today! The B52s perhaps?

Picture taken with: Leica M6, Voigtländer Nokton 50mm f/1.1, Kodak Gold 200.

© Lilly Schwartz 2017

© Lilly Schwartz 2017

Yeah, just a dinosaur hanging out at the stadium, nothing to worry about!

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