[YT] Making MUSIC again after 15 years of CREATIVE BLOCK 😱 Bye Epidemic!

I canceled my Epidemic Sound subscription because it wasn’t working out for me. So, after 15 years of not making music due to major Creative Block I’m finally back where I started! In this video I’ll talk to you about creative block and show you my new musical instruments – a Squier Bullet Mustang HH, a cheap Ukulele, an Akai LPK25 midi keyboard and a Novation launch control xl. Yeah, I totally splurged since it isn’t every day that one comes back from the musical dead! You also get to hear and see a (studio) performance of my first new track at the end.

*Fun fact* I started the track 7 years ago and never finished it. I only got as far as the base beat before giving up, which must have been about 5mins in. Creative block can be such a pain in the …!

Also, TLDR review of Epidemic Sound: Generic elevator music. Alright if you have no musical talent and undistinguished musical tastes. Good for boilerplate home shopping style Youtube content, but way too generic for my (crazy) taste in music. The music isn’t bad though. Just … totally unspectacular and one size fits all.

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