Revela T Barcelona 2019 📷 photo festival travel vlog

In this vlog we go on a trip to the Revela T analog photography festival in Vilassar de Dalt near Barcelona. I had a print there in a Film Shooters Collective exhibition and also gave a little presentation about my work together with the other members of the FSC who were there. It was so much fun to finally meet everyone after we had known each other online for years! I didn’t only shoot video on this trip: Between street photography with the Leica and some festival impressions with the Rollei I shot 4 rolls and I show you some of those pictures in the video too. By the way, the Film Shooters Collective Show was picked up by a gallery in Cadiz and so my print will be on display this whole month!

Now, here comes the big surprise though, all the music in this video was my own! That’s right, after 15 years of not making any music I’m finally back to my first and most dear obsession. I hope it doesn’t swallow me whole! More about that in the next vlog though! 🎶

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