studio vlog – DIY darkroom stuff, editing, self portrait in the woods

Finally another studio vlog! In this studio vlog I show you my progress with my DIY LED enlarger light source using a LifX smart bulb and make some progress with some photography projects, including some self-portraits with my Rolleicord camera for a Film Shooters Collective project (See the final picture along with everyone else’s here). This one took a long time to finish, because I needed to focus on some other projects along the way and found it really hard to find the right music. You’d think the editing would be the biggest struggle, but nope, it’s finding the right music! I was going for a retro wave vibe and there just isn’t much royalty free stuff out there. In any case, enjoy! Also, this might just be my silliest YouTube thumbnail yet, I just couldn’t resist it!

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