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It’s now been 11 months since I started drawing again after a very long time of not drawing at all. In that time I’ve been drawing every single day and I improved my drawing skills more than I could ever have imagined! I also started a YouTube Channel for my drawings and paintings, but I also share photography related content in my studio vlogs there. Basically a lot of new stuff is happening right now and I really wanted this website to better reflect these new developments. This is why I finally took the plunge and reorganised my website! I had to scan and edit a lot of my drawings and restructure the whole menu to better separate drawing and photography content, so this was quite a bit of work. I think it was well worth it though! The website feels now much more connected to what I’m doing at the moment and I can now post drawing and painting content alongside the photography stuff without things getting too confusing. I separated out the categories, so if you only want to see photography or drawing related content, you can now go to the appropriate category on the website to see only posts relating to that category. Pretty well organised I’d say! Please let me know if you’d like an option to subscribe only to photography or drawing related content. Since this option is a little bit more complicated to set up, I’d only bother if it’s actually of use to you guys!

In any case, let me know what you guys think in general and whether there are any glitches that I might have missed while testing this myself! I’m pretty happy with the outcome and I think it will help me keep this blog a bit more updated in the future!

PS: As a little bonus, check out this gallery for some drawings that I haven’t shared anywhere else yet. As I might have mentioned before, I started drawing again because I wanted to make a comic and I now finally have a title: The 5th Future! The character development part is also coming along nicely and I hope that I can soon start developing some of the details. There are still large gaps in the story, but it’s starting to become more concrete with every new character drawing.


© Lilly Schwartz

© Lilly Schwartz

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