Studio Vlog: Editing 100+ film rolls, tapeloops + Vivian Maier exhibition

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In this studio vlog I‘ll show you what has been keeping me busy over the summer: Editing a whopping 100+ rolls of film 😱 I finally managed to get through my backlog, (hooray!) and this is how it all happened.

It wasn‘t all work and no play though! In between editing I was also playing with tapeloops for making music and hacking a Sony Walkman to be speed adjustable. There were mornings on the beach and we even got to go to a Vivian Maier photography exhibition in the local cultural center. I guess procrastination level 100 was definitely reached at some points, to avoid all that editing, oh boy, so much work! In the end I even had to repair the focus on my Pakon f135+. It’s done now though. Or is it?

I hope you enjoy it!

Here some time stamps for you in case you’re interested in something specific:
So much editing
Making tape loops
Hacking a walkman to be speed adjustable
Vivian Maier exhibition
Fixing the focus on the Pakon f135+

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