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Finally it cooled down a bit and we went to San Telmo like we originally planned for yesterday. After having a bit of a look around and checking out some markets (where I didn’t buy any cameras despite the rather nice selection) we walked over to Plaza de Mayo just because we were so close already. Right there, randomly, was a street festival related to Easter and an orchestra was playing tango. In what other city world can you stumble over tango related things just like that? We also looked at some tango shoes and chanced upon tango related pictures and CDs on the markets too. However, when that orchestra started playing at Plaza de Mayo it was a really rather emotional moment for me! It suddenly made me realise that indeed I am finally in Buenos Aires and not just in any strange city on the other side of the planet.

Of course the picture opportunities are never ending! Today I went through 2 rolls of 35mm and 9 shots with my Rollei. I could have finished the Rollei roll as well, but I stopped myself, because I don’t want to be running out of film too early. There is still so much to see!

Today I’ll show you a couple of shots from my experimental self-portrait roll that I took with my Rollei. It was a completely spontaneous effort without any measuring and the development time was pretty much ? times thumb as well, because I didn’t calculate exactly how far off the long times on my Rollei are. The result surprised me and I’m really happy with how they turned out, considering that I have never taken a self-portrait like this on film before.

All pictures taken with: Rolleicord V, Schneider-Kreuznach Xenar 75mm f/3.5.
RPX400 @1600 stand-developed in Rodinal 1:100.

© Lilly Schwartz 2015

© Lilly Schwartz 2015

© Lilly Schwartz 2015

© Lilly Schwartz 2015


  • Oh! You are in my city! Enjoy the chaos! Great pictures.

    • Thank you Laura! And I’m definitely enjoying the chaos very much! %-)

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