new video: digital art with procreate + 50 subs special

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In my last blog post I mentioned that I decided to post my drawing and painting stuff here too, so this is the first post announcing a new art video: So, I made a video celebrating my 50 subscribers milestone and it was already outdated when I uploaded! THANK YOU! 🔥

To celebrate this milestone I decided to try something different, namely digital art on my iPad in Procreate! I’m still pretty new to Procreate and I wanted to try painting fire with it. Turned out pretty cool I think! And because I like to make things hard for myself the background was constructed in perspective with pretty much all the perspective drawing tricks I know. Only took forever!

Thanks again for all your support, I’m over the moon 🚀 that it took less than 2 months to reach 50 subs! You guys rock!

By the way, I’m in the process of restructuring this website, so you might find some easter eggs while I work on it. The basic structure is already there, but I still need to add some galleries for my drawings and paintings. This involves editing some scans and I’m still busy with the scans of one of my photography projects. Things will very much look exactly the same as before, just with another section for drawing and painting stuff. Oh and by the way, I fixed the tag and category display of the blog, so when you’re clicking on tags you’ll actually be able to navigate instead of getting stuck in single blog posts. So, on my photography posts, if you’re looking for other rolls shot on the same film type, click on the tags, they’re actually usable again!

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