My work has been included in the following print publications:

Film Shooters Collective: NSEW 2016

PhotoKlassik IV.2016


Articles and Interviews

Interview with S.R. Robinson (She Shoots Film – 16.01.2017)

Reise nach Velvialand (PhotoKlassik IV.2016)

On time travel and parallel universes – a night out in Buenos Aires (Film Shooters Collective – 09.06.2016)

A journey into Velvia land (Film Shooters Collective – 21.04.2016)

Sally Mann and the elephant in the room (She Shoots Film – 09.03.2016)

robotic lab monkeys – the joys of film development automation (She Shoots Film – 09.07.2015)

Interview with Almut Troeller (She Shoots Film – 23.01.2015)

How to develop black and white film the lazy way (She Shoots Film – 13.12.2014)

Lee Miller: Even heroes have to face their demons (She Shoots Film – 27.11.2014)

Interview with Amy Jasek (She Shoots Film – 20.11.2014)

Grete Stern – Photomontages for a psychoanalysis column (She Shoots Film – 16.10.2014)

Why shoot film in the digital age (20.09.2014)

How to use the Olympus Pen E-PL3 for street photography (13.05.2013)